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I’m alive… if you haven’t been following me on Instagram

Not sure how many people will read this, but hey, Hi, I’m alive!

If you haven’t been following me on Instagram ( then you’re probably pretty much left in the dark.

I’ve been meaning to try to dedicate time to making a video, but that hasn’t been happening very much… excuses aside, the reason I’ve been completely missing from such things is because:
1. I’m still working part time as a graphic designer
2. I’m doing freelance for clients here and there
3. I’m running a studio ( with some of my closest friends where I’m the manager/organizer/designer
4. I’m constantly practicing and improving my art skills

I wish I could say I have the spare time to make a video, I’d honestly love to, but in these times… ionno :<

So sorry for everyone who’s been asking for one and waiting and whatnot - it just can’t fit on my plate at the moment.


  • GF: I didn't know you liked smoked salmon... I'm surprised...
  • Me: ......
  • GF: You actually like something classy...
  • Me: .......................................

My girlfriend doesn’t like stop motion animation or old movies, but she’s willing to watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas” with me. 

Just because I love this movie with all my heart, and Jack, and also because she’s only watched it in French.